Comprehensive and
Strategic Insurance Solutions

At Integral Insurance Services, the overall scope of our services sets us apart from other brokerage firms. Our programs cater to a wide variety of industries and incorporate different types of policies.

Integral Insurance Services can provide tailored solutions for:

Experts at Insurance Claims

In the event you are pursuing a claim, Integral Insurance Services is here to help. We will work with you throughout the entire process, from the first claim notification until the actual settlement.

Our role is to help you make informed decisions and follow the correct procedures. For instance, we will advise you on the necessary actions you should take, the documents you need to prepare, and how to successfully negotiate amounts for progress payments.

Integral Insurance Services can liaise with an insurer-appointed loss assessor. That way, we can have a clearer understanding of your coverage and put ourselves in a better position to receive your full entitlements.

Regular Correspondence and

Coordination With Clients

Having constant communication with our clients is one of the primary drivers of our success. We typically meet with clients before the existing policies expire to ensure that their respective insurance programs are accurately updated.

If necessary, we can also arrange biannual or quarterly reviews. On top of that, you may contact us anytime to schedule a formal meeting.

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