Your Insurance Broking Partner

Integral Insurance Services is your partner, working with you to ensure we protect what is most important to you. We specifically tailor your insurance program to help you manage your risks and most importantly, we are there for you when you need us most—claim time!

Placement, Review, and Claims Services

Integral Insurance Services assists with obtaining competitively priced insurance that is specific to your needs and risk profile. We have access to over 200 insurers/agencies across the globe, ensuring that we have you covered. Also, we provide an ongoing review service for our clients, making sure we understand the changes to your business and/or circumstances.
We are also able to review your existing insurances to make sure they are meeting your needs. Finally, we are there for you when you need us most—lodging claims, appointing assessors, liaising with insurers, and making sure you get the outcome that you are entitled to.

Fulfilling the Insurance Needs of Our Clients

Our company provides a broad array of insurance solutions to corporate entities, business and industrial organisations, as well as individuals. We are known for our versatility, as our clients belong to different industries, such as hospitality, transportation, tourism, manufacturing, and construction. We serve clients throughout Australia, including Great Ocean Road, the Geelong and Bellarine regions, as well as the Yarra Valley. Our team looks forward to delivering a competitively priced insurance proposition that benefits you, your family, employees, or partners.

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